by Enlightenment

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released November 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Enlightenment Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Eclipse Of Reason
this world is a place of big frustrations
so many are in search for luck, but deaf. stay deaf for reason
hope in salvation in apportionment of blame
but to many are falling back in a big hole. back in cruelty

i search for answers to this plight
we search for answers to this plight
there is more. there is more
our words subvert their well- being

another life with reflection on society
this is my dream
another life freely from compulsions
this is my dream
Track Name: Place Of Hope
a place of hope in a flawed world
experience prevail over desires. reality shows her barbarian face
your promises exist no more. too much has already happened
this fucking situation is indispensable

the human cold has changed my mind

the images in my head. i can not forget them
so many victims. so fucking many victims
caught in reality, there is a glimmer of hope
caught in reality, the existence is essential

hope for a better time
hope for something else

a necessary spark of hope in a dreary world
Track Name: Message To Daddy
'god is the answer. god is your guidance'
'the old man says to his little son':
the bitter truth remains concealed to him
'the love of god knows no border'
'the love of god is all- embracing'
the way to the truth it wont be treaded

'but this is to easy': thinks the little boy
the little boy with an open mind
taking a look at history provides other results
results full of aggressions

the sighs of creatures become louder and louder
opium numbs the clearest minds
desperation seizes the boy
a book written thousand years ago by order of an holy lord
time passes, but the thought remains.

blindness. your mind sees blind dreams
blindness. your expected world means a daydream

where are your doubts?
Track Name: Our Opus
we lose control