Propaganda Of Desires

by Enlightenment

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released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Enlightenment Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Enfants Perdus
flying stones, happy faces, overpowering
a feeling similar to a self – government
assembly lines and time stand still

fuck your work and shit on your studies
break the law and the chains
reeded you from alienation

our life doesn't live
but survives
where is our time?

rule of time loss, rule of boredom
everywhere, anywhere

disposable time
everything else is grime
so see the difference

disposable time
everything else is grime
so understand the difference

take your dreams for reality
life without time loss
build new babylon
Track Name: Power Of The Imagination
what a crazy world
a world built by human hand
but we don't see the background
nature command the drive

we feel out affliction
we saw options
we can stop the locos
but the fetish govern our brains

seperation from their producers
seperation from our lives
seperation ruled the whole thing
accept that real strife

will we one day recognise
i hope so much
so let's start and form your histroy
and stop only to grouch

so we will realise
inescapable fall
tragedy, your steady companion
hear my squall

you would want my resignation
you would want my voice
moments of complete revolution
i made my choice

if we create, if we create ... the situation

fuck your gossip from our all end
call me utopian
but i know your answers are paltry
your faith is instrumental

but i believe in the will to the freedom
i believe in somewhat prudence
make your peace with canting conditions
life is full of imprudence
Track Name: Principle Of Hope
look behind the given of your life
find the starting – points
and yes, i understand you
abysses are always close

you and i, mean something?
the everlasting question
the bitter end is in the beginning
and yet you go on

without prospect times, monotony
do you have these feelings?
see the people and you see the blankness
context of delusion

critique is mental anticipation
of coming revolutions
it is the head of our passion
reflect on your daily restraints

and all life long you wait for that
to mount up to a life
and all life long you wait for that
to mount up to a life